Ask Us Anything

How do I register with Preferred Locums?

In order to register with us please go to the 'Register With Us’ icon at the top of the page, there you will be asked a variety of questions that will be sent to the relevant co-ordinator for you. Once the co-ordinator receives it they will review the information and make a decision if you would be a good fit for our agency. You will receive a call or text (if they miss you) from the coordinator advising if they think you would be a good fit and if so they will advise you of the next steps.


When and how do I get paid?

Our agency does not have any involvement with locum payments as all companies pay you directly. However, in the case of any disputes or payment issues, we will step in and give as much help and aid as we possibly can, however, we do remind all locums to be patient with payments especially in seasonal periods as back-logs can occur. If you do have any issues with payments we request that you email.
with as much detail within the email as possible reference the payment issue you are experiencing and a member of our team can review and see what we can do to help you.

Do I get paid mileage?

It is important to advise your co-ordinator of your preferences in regards to mileage so they can do their best to keep you happy with the mileage they are agreeing on your behalf.
All companies that we work with have different contributions to mileage and different ways of claiming it. Companies have set mileage rates in which both standard or full mileage can be agreed. When you register you will receive a breakdown of mileage rates that companies provide however changes can be made to these rates, when this happens you will be provided with a new mileage help sheet.

How do I receive my shifts?

Each week you will receive a text for the following weeks shifts that have been booked on your behalf, we send rotas on a Sunday to Sunday basis so you are fully aware where you will be going the following weekend. Despite this we do continue to book much further in advance hence why availability updates are so important. We would expect a reply to the text within a reasonable timescale and will call you to check if you receive it if you do not reply confirming your receipt.

How far do I need to travel for shifts?

It is heavily dependent on the area in which you live as to how far we’d expect you to travel. For example if you live in a highly locum saturated area we would expect you to travel further than someone who does not. Dependent on what rate you are looking for depends on what areas you want to work in. We’d expect all locum to be willing to travel up to an hour for work however it can quite easily be less, and if it is more, we would ask you prior to confirming the booking.

Do I need to be able to drive?

Yes. Without a vehicle it is very difficult to place you as a locum as the idea is that you travel to different branches on a regular basis and we cannot always keep these branches local to you, especially not during quieter periods so we see a driving license as almost compulsory. There can be the odd acceptation dependent on your exact location and if we feel the workflow is there enough to be able to supply you with local enough work.

How much do I get paid?

Rates are agreed between ourselves and rota coordinators within the companies we work with. We would expect you to provide an idea of the rates you wish to receive or expect. Rate of pay can vary due to seasonal periods and locations. It is best to discuss rates directly with your coordinator.

What do Preferred Locums expect of me?

As an agency we enjoy keeping our locums happy and only ask a few things in return from you, these being.

  • Any updates in changes of availability as soon as possible

  • Advanced availability

  • Being punctual

  • Quality work ethic

  • Respectful of the companies staff you come into contact with

  • Professional attitude and appearance when in branches

We understand that sometimes things crop up last minute, all we ask it that you let us know as soon as you can if you are unable to attend a shift so we can either back-fill your shift or advise the company the shift can no longer be covered. These points may seem small however late notice cancellations and all of the above points can have a huge negative impact on a company’s perceptions of you.

If I am employed or direct with a company already, can I take a locum shift for that company through you?

Simply, the answer is no. We have an agreement between ourselves and the companies we work with that prevents any sort of poaching or employee/locum overlap.

How do I communicate with my coordinator?

Once your co-ordinator has spoken to you for the first time you will be provided with their direct email and contact number in which you can save so you know when they are trying to get in touch with you. Please be advised that our co-ordinators can be very busy so if you call and they miss you, please text or email them with what you need and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

If I am unable to attend a shift what do I do?

If you are unable to attend your shift and are aware in advance please let your locum coordinator know so they can handle the cancellation for you and designate the shift either elsewhere or back to the company. If the cancellation is last minute either the night before or the day of the shift, please contact them as soon as possible via text message on their mobile number and call the office line to speak to the on-call coordinator. We request that you text rather than call out of respect to your coordinator to ensure they are not disrupted out-of-hours.

How does being a locum work in regards to self-employment and taxes?

As a locum you are classed as self-employed and it is very important that you are aware of rules and regulations that follow self-employment. For help and advice on this please go to

What should I wear?

We expect that for the entirety of the time that you are working that you are dressed both appropriately and professionally. What exactly you wear is at your discretion however complaints can be raised if it is viewed that you are dressed inappropriately. For example, urban sportswear or ripped jeans would be inappropriate.

Can I sign on as a dispenser if I am a pre-reg Pharmacist?

Yes. Instead of an NVQ certificate, we would need to see evidence of your degree and possibly a reference from the pharmacy that you are completing you pre-reg at. However, different companies have different requirements so we may be limited as to who we can place you with.